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Christmas Present

The greatest present for me is the successful release of Silversword (you guessed it). A year ago I didn’t knew that I scratched the surface of something real complex. And then began a special flow, which carried me away almost every day after work. The game grew and finally made it to a state where I could give it away to other players.

It is far from perfect, and of course many people can’t just get the feeling we old-school players have when grinding through text -based encounters. But the game is nearly exact what I wanted it to become. So my goal is achieved.

I wish you all great and peaceful holidays and a happy new year 2012, maybe some of you might even want to start developing, too. It is not as complicated as it seems 😉

As a special present for you, I put up another promo giveaway in the forum. Drop me a PM and be one of the lucky people who get a game for free.

Silversword Developer

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