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New year, great updates!

Published on January 3, 2012 by in Updates

With the upcoming update (2.03) we will give you more nice features and enhancements:

  • Inferno now connected permanently to the world, so that you may visit it again later
  • Hide in Shadows now always gets the highest initiative, making the rogue more powerful
  • Arch Mages get a Rejuvenation spell to cure OLD
  • Hidden characters now can be healed and affected by other friendly spells
  • Mortifer’s Soul Whip now available for Wizards (added automatically if you have Mind Control already)
  • A graphical level-up indicator was added
  • The version number can now be checked on the settings screen
  • Any throwing weapons will be re-equipped after a fight even if you have none left in your inventory
  • Some map improvements and bug fixes

You are very welcome to visit our forums and suggest more improvements to the game. We are listening and trying to get everything done (did I mention that update 2.04 is already in the make?).

Thank you so much for your support dear friends of classic role-playing!

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