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Busy with updates

Published on January 6, 2012 by in Updates

Yes,… and 2.0.4 is already waiting for review 🙂

This one will bring major improvements to the UI. No more oldschool bracket links, I traded them in for button-style. Selecting things should become easier, and the character screen should be more user-friendly now (in terms of navigating). Just a few days and you can see for yourself. In addition, some more things were implemented:

– New character selection system
– Removed [ and ] explanation from manual
– Gwyddon now heals injured members
– Added Change Position + Charge! commands to manual + compendium
– Forget-Me-Nots are now easier
– Set Beacon spell now shows bound map name
– Included Map Notes HowTo in manual
– Inferno now accessible even if Maruziel was not yet defeated
– various manual / compendium additions
– some other fixes

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