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Update 2.0.6 sent to Apple

Published on February 6, 2012 by in Updates

Here is a teaser of what to expect:

New with this version is the introduction of banks throughout the world.
A welcome gift has been placed in your bank account, so make sure to check it out. The bank is not only a place to deposit unused items, but also serves as a cash store when buying items in a shop. If you lack the proper change, the money will automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

Further fixes and changes:

– Compendium: Repeated table header on each page in the item and creature list
– Covered the new arrows in the manual
– Lore not working correctly – resolved. Please note that the game lore system has been reworked. You will see the old messages again once more – don’t be irritated by this
– Crash after Maruziel – resolved!!
– Make non-resistable spells working (there was an error with these)
– Empty screen after viewing PDF – should be resolved now
– Exchanged PDF viewer once again, sorry for this, but this should fix some memory problems

In addition, many memory problems were addressed, and the maximum number of enemies that will be called for help is increased from 50 to 100 again.

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