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Please support Silversword 2!

Hello dear friends,

while collecting ideas for extending Silversword, I plan on working on a new title.
Silversword 2 – “Götterdämmerung” will become a full-blown 3D fantasy role-playing game in the style of Wizardry VIII, in terms of ruleset and visualization.
Because I live in germany, I cannot start this on
The german equivalent is – a crowdfunding platform which I will use to get the necessary licenses for the 3D environment (Unity3D).

Please help me bring this to live. The first step is to collect 100 fans (no obligations).
You can visit the project page here:
I have tried to translate everything to english (use the “EN” link at the top left), and have added subtitles to the promotion video.

Become a fan and get this project started! As soon as there are 100 fans, the fundraising will begin. It will cover 90 days – after that, the target of 15000 Euro has to be reached, or else no funding will take place at all.

Thank you very much in advance
Yours faithfully

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