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New user interface for iPhone coming!

With the next update, a new user interface will be available. The party grid will be larger, and you should find it easier to select your characters. In addition, a dragon claw mark has been added to the background parchment. This should make the gameplay more attractive on iPhone / iTouch devices. The iPad version will remain unchanged.

Other important changes are:

– Recalculation of the experience point / level system. After level 14, a level will cost 200,000 XP (for all classes!), increasing by 7% per level. The value will be rounded to a full 10,000.

– Stats capped. All stats are capped at 30. The primary stats will go to 40.

More things will be updated, but these will be announced in the next update message!

I hope, you’ll like the changes. They add to the gameplay and balance and should make it more enjoyable.

Kind regards

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