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Update 2.1.6 is live!

Major changes!

  • Experience points adjusted! After level 14, all classes will need 200,000 XP for the next level, increasing by roughly 7% per level.
  • Your actual characters will be adjusted to the new system. Sorry if this will turn out negative for your high-level party. But it adds more balance to the system.
  • Stats are now capped at 30 (primary stats are capped at 40).
  • Loot chances adjusted. You should get more loot now, even in high-level zones.

Minor changes!

  • ¬†You will now have two new settings in the iOS App Settings Screen for Silversword: 1. Show XP to next level. This will show the experience points needed for the next level on the character screen instead of displaying the whole sum. 2. Display time. This will toggle a time display beneath the Settings Icon during the game. By touching the time, you can switch between real time and ingame time of day.
  • A Cancel button was added to the Deposit and Withdraw actions in the bank.
  • A bug was fixed that allowed selling unidentified items with a gold value of 0.
  • Song of Spirit now gives more SP when your Bard reaches level 20, 30, 40…
  • Walking Creak is now a plant.
  • In-App Purchase 500,000 Gold added. Once again: You don’t need any IAP to play and enjoy the game!! This is for people who want to save some grinding time. I know that Archmage Spells are very expensive, but this was made for balancing the game, and not for boosting my In-App Sales. If you are still not convinced, write me a nice mail and I will see what I can do.
  • Before changing class, you are now informed when a character has not yet learned all spells for the current class.
  • New inventory function “Trade all” for trading whole stacks of items to another character.

Oops I nearly forgot…

A NEW USER INTERFACE for the iPhone version is alive! The party display is now larger, allowing you to select your characters more easily. In addition, a nice claw mark was added to the background. I hope you will enjoy it! The interface structure itself wasn’t changed, to keep the classic Bard’s Tale spirit alive.

Best regards

P.S. The stats will be fixed with the next update 2.1.7 – by now, only normal (not primary) stats are capped upon getting a new level. Sorry for this, but it won’t affect the gameplay much I think.

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