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Update 2.1.9 waiting for Review, 2.2.0 on the horizon!

Done with the game? Far from it! Let’s spoil…

Update 2.1.9 will bring you some more enhancements to stability. Characters are now saved upon creation, and enduring item effects like the Troll Ring should be working correct after Load/Save/Standby. But there’s more!

The “Divvy Gold” option will now complement the “Pool Gold” option.

The most special feature should be found out by YOU, when facing the next big boss mob the next time (Orc Chief, Maruziel, Sprenger, Warlord etc.). I hope you will like it!

I think 2.1.9 should go online within the next days.

Did I say that 2.2.0 is on the horizon? It is!

What to expect?

– When switching to another character you will stay on the same screen now (where applicable).

– Great enhancement to the map system: The overview map is now linked to every zone you’ve visited, and your zones are linked together so that you can explore every map ever visited by a simple touch!

– and some more… 😉

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