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Update 2.2.3 sent to Apple

Before Apple closes for the holiday season, I have another update coming. This one is really enjoyable, because apart from the changes below, it will convert your saved games to smaller files, making the loading and saving much faster.

You can look forward to the following bugfixes and enhancements:

– Different Map Icons for opened / closed chests on the map
– Cancel button at top of use / cast / play – do you like it?
– Mountain Dweller Combats in Ridge Fault are no longer repeatable
– New Drain Indicator on main screen (you will see it when you got drained)
– Save Game necessity in tutorial now explained
– Visiting guild only skips to next day if it is already evening
– Identify item action too complicated – this is easier now
– Buying Divine Shell after Inferno visitation no longer locks Inferno
– Inferno now has more encounters
– Switching characters now keeps the active screen type (items, spells, stats) where it makes sense
– Zone Maps linked together – just touch the red squares on a map
– Overview Map linked to Zones, you will like this one 🙂
– some more fixes and enhancements

As always, you are welcome to discuss these changes on the official forums!

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