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New lands…

Lisa blinked and rubbed her eyes. Something was sparkling in the sand. Carefully, she reached down and grabbed the thing. A gold coin! She quickly looked around, then she cleaned the coin in the fabric of her dress. There was a ship on the front side, and the outline of a head on the back. Lisa could not see any details, because sea and sand had rubbed the coin.
She looked across the sea. A sudden longing seized her and pulled her into the distance. Did she just see dark shadows on the horizon? Shadows of palm trees, mysterious forests and mountains? Unexplored caves with sparkling beads and treasures waiting for her.
But she had to hurry, otherwise the others would probably be faster and she would once more be the poor silly girl.
Yes, this time it was her turn. The coin had found her. With the treasure she could give her family a better future. But first she would buy new clothes. And a private boat. And maybe a little hut on the beach.
When fisherman John got up the next morning to catch the fish for today, he was very surprised that his boat was gone. He was even more surprised when he got no response to the calls for his daughter…

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