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Happy Birthday Silversword!

Six candles burn on the tasty cake that was made out of many ingredients such as devotion, love and tons of feedback from you, my dear player!

Thank you very much!

As of today, the game version is 2.58 – which means that Silversword was improved many times during the last years. I have tried to implement many of your wishes, and I think it’s still worth playing – because there ain’t no other Bard’s Tale Clone in the App Store 🙂

Of course, it would be very great if someone would dedicate some more time to the Wikipedia articles (english + german) but I try to be humble. At least, a Wikipedia article does exist – and this is a kind of accolade for me. So thank you again for your support! I will continue working on the game. No voice is unheard, please continue giving me input through the official forums.


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