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How can I contact you?

Write a mail to 🙂

How do I move?

Touch the cross-hair symbol on the upper right side of the screen and drag it around. Once you release your finger, you can use the arrows to move. Touching the cross-hair without dragging toggles only the visibility of the movement panel.

Do I need the compendium?

Absolutely NOT. The compendium is for people, who want to take a look behind the game mechanics. You can discover everything that is written in the compendium by yourself by just playing the game. Nonetheless, I appreciate it if you buy the compendium. It contains creature and item lists and gives detailed information on every character class.

I want to play with my bluetooth keyboard!

You can enable keyboard support in your Settings App. Movement is done via A, S, D, W. Most of the game functions should be supported. Large item and spell lists don’t work fully, sorry for that. But you should be able to have a good time 🙂

I have difficulties playing Silversword on the iPhone

Although we made it a universal app, the emphasis lies on the iPad. It may be a bit tricky to control the user interface at first, but you will quickly get used to it – promised!

Come on, why should I give you feedback on the game?

I don’t plan on stopping development on Silversword. And you always wanted a game that suits your playing style and expectations, right? Stay in touch with me!