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Import Savegame

Import Savegame

Sometimes it might be necessary to re-import a saved game. For example, if the game was modified by us to help you deal with bugs or resources.

Step 1

Connect your device to your computer and start iTunes. Select your device in the navigator.

You will see the following menu items above your device details:

iTunes Device Menu Bar

Select “Apps” and scroll down. You will then see the File Sharing options for your device.

File Sharing options in iTunes

Step 2

Now comes the important step! Go to the folder where you saved the save game. If you received an E-Mail from us with an attached game, save it to your file system first. Make sure the file is named “gameSave”! This is important, else Silversword won’t recognize that file as a game that has to be imported.

Step 3

Go back to iTunes App Sharing and select the game – “Silversword”. You will see the files of the full game on the right hand side now (if there are any yet). Click “Add…”

Selecting Silversword

Step 4

Select the file from step 2 (“gameSave”). It will be uploaded to your device immediately.

You should see it on top of the file list now:

Silversword with imported game

Step 5

The saved game now waits for being imported into your game. To do this, start Silversword on your device and go to the settings screen.

Silversword Settings Screen

Click “Load a saved Game”. Silversword will now recognize the new file.

Import saved game

After selecting “Yes”, the first slot contains the imported game.

Imported Game

That’s it! Enjoy! 🙂