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BardDo you want to know more about the background story of Silversword?

You have come to the right place. Sit down, take a drink and listen to the tales our bards have to tell.


The legendary island of Gijatreg near the northern shore of the Lion Sea is a wild and mostly unexplored land full of dangers.

In one of the golden ages of the Comkarthian Empire 400 years ago, afleet of proud and brave men dared to cross the waters and built a fort at the southern edge of Gijatreg. Their leader was Lord Cranbourgh, famous during his lifetime, blessed after he had perished, and finally canonised for all his deeds. He defended the newly founded settlement against countless attacks from orcs and other wild creatures, among them the dreaded Deadranat.

Years passed, the fort grew to a majestic stronghold, and was named Castle Cranbourgh. Further citizens of the empire gathered beneath the castle and established a prospering city around the mountain Castle Cranbourgh resided on. The enemies seemed to have been vanquished and soon the island was made a part of Comkarthia.

But the old foe hadn’t been overcome. Only after a short break dark creatures and masses of orcs came down from the still uncharted north and raided farms and villages. News of an outbreaking civil war that raged throughout the empire wrecked all hopes of support from the mainland.

Few people survived and were finally taken by the perils of the sea as they desperately fled from the island and tried to reach the continent again.


Many centuries turned history into a saga, and finally a forgotten legend. The imperial order was restored and for a long time, no one remembered the island of Gijatreg.

Then, a few decades ago, new settlers landed at the southern coast of Gijatreg, escorted by a legion of imperial soldiers. Castle Cranbourgh was rebuilt, and the city of Annsharbour was founded.

Long years of prosperity and enormous trade success followed. Stories about orcs were told to delight and scare children, and some of the remaining soldiers began to lead the lives of farmers and craftsmen.

It is unknown what was sighted first: the burning ships or the fields in flames. In a starless night, evil rose again and struck the imperial colonists with an iron fist. The island was cut off from the mainland and the city of Annsharbour saw itself surrounded by name- and countless creatures. Black clouds banned the sun, and in this endless dark a diabolic force now creeps towards the last survivors.

Desperate soldiers are gathering on the city walls. Barely able to hold the line for much longer. Ready to take a last stand.

In this hour of desperation, all hopes now lie on a band of heroes who are ready to challenge the evil that threatens mankind.