The world

World Map of TarnakLong before the calendar of Algarot began to count the cycles of Tarnak, even before the elves started to write down their history, there was a time only known as the Age of the Old World.
Demons and Liadrals led the world side by side into a golden century of peace and wealth.
The Sun Gods Zirasch, Burak and Sodar let their light shine on Tarnak to bring life and health to all living things.
And then, without warning, the Great War erupted. Demons and Liadrals began to fight each other and their battles shook the pillars of the world.
In blasphemous fury they destroyed the creation of the gods and turned away from their light, too blind to see there would only be death and chaos in the end.
After harrowing years of war, the Liadrals finally began to realize that the conflict would never end, and so a convention of the legendary folk – those few that remained – was called.
In a final ritual, the surviving Liadrals prayed to the gods for one last time and asked for forgiveness. Since then, no Liadrals were ever seen on Tarnak again.
The gods so called forth by the Liadrals looked onto their world and found it broken and ravaged by the wrath of the demons. From that day on the demons were banished to hell where they still linger today, awaiting the moment when they will cover the world in darkness once again.
Zirasch and Burak were deeply affected by seeing their world of Tarnak in ruins. Angered, they closed their eyes and turned into gods of darkness. Only the oldest of the three siblings did not lose hope and so only Sodar remained a goddess of light.
But not all was lost. From the ashes of the Great War and the ice brought by the gods of darkness, the survivors of the other races arose.
Game MapHalflings, Humankind and the lizard folk of Tarasz settled down, waiting for better times while the elder folk, the Dwarves and Elves, battled marauding Orcs and Trolls.
Finally the elder races drove the Orcs back into the wild lands, and it is said that the Trolls betrayed the greenskins not long afterwards, preying on their weakened former cronies.
But the alliance between the Dwarves and Elves broke, and so the Orcs escaped complete destruction as the elder races retreated back to their respective homelands.
For more than thousand years Humans spread over the fertile Vitarie plains, becoming the predominant race of Tarnak through sheer numbers.
Far below the surface of Tarnak, Dark elves and Gnomes live and thrive, hidden from the sun and the eyes of the other races. While the Gnomes are known to be more grumpy than even their dwarven cousins, the Dark elves are considered
to be the very embodiment of evil.
Seething in their hellish prison for thousands of years, the demons never stopped searching for a way to conquer all of creation once again.
More and more of their servants can be found skulking the lands these days, furthering the plans of their demonic masters so that one day, the world of Tarnak will be cast into darkness for all time.
This is the time of the rise of demons.