The classes


Warriors usually protect weaker members of a party and at the same time make their weapons thin out the frontline of the enemy.
Weapons, armour, brute force and fun in kicking some asses. Hey it’s a warrior, what else do you expect?


Being trained in weapons and faith, the paladin is called a holy warrior. While all gods of Tarnak have their own orders, the Paladin of Silversword is a member of the Order of Light following the godmother Sodar.


The world of Tarnak is a hard and unfair place. Thanks to the rogues, the distribution of goods and gold is a bit more just. Beside these self-sacrificing deeds, a rogue is also somewhat trained in combat and has an exceptional sense for danger.


These holy musicians are carrying the blessing of Lirudalin, the goddess of joy, upon them. Their tunes will not only charm kings and ladies, but also monsters and beasts. Beside the enjoyment of a good song, the bards also use their magical powers to support the party.


Collecting and hunting have always been the elementary actions to get one’s stomach filled. At some point in history it was recognized that a good hunter could make use of his deadly bow to kill more than just animals. Keep on with this modern use of a hunter and let some shafts be fixed to your enemies’ breasts.


Religion is a central preoccupation of Tarnak’s citizens. Beside other traditions like the shamanistic lore or the ancestral worship, the faith in the gods is the main religion. As a servant of Zargan, lord of the battle, a monk is sent out into the world preaching his religious doctrines. Luckily, he also has enough time serving Zargan by kicking some foes.


As an apprentice of the house of Harvon, the conjurer is specially trained in spells conjuring and charming creatures. He can also summon all kinds of useful items like a mug of beer, some limb a companion has lost in battle or a ballista ready to fire… well at least he can try to.


House Gorapan calls their apprentices Magicians and trains them casting elemental battle spells. This house of battle mages likes to provide magic wielders with a subliminal tendency to brutality and you seldom find exceptions.


Having become a master of magic, an apprentice can call himself a sorcerer. Magic wielders of this rank are allowed to adopt the secret knowledge of the Magicians’ guild and to learn more powerful spells.


A grandmaster of one of the five lores of magic is called a wizard. They use a very powerful kind of magic. Being the source of anger, a wizard usually ends up with a very short lifespan, if not protected by heavy armour.


The seven archmages are the heads of the entire Magicians’ guild. There is no living creature on Tarnak that has a deeper understanding of magic than these enlightened scholars… except perhaps Dragons and Daemon lords. However, for safety reasons, it is not recommended to go into such a discussion.