Celebrating the new LEGEND game mode

Published on January 24, 2013

You can now get your version of Silversword for a discount price. Hurry, it will last only a few days. You are very welcome to discuss the game on our forums, and I wait for your opinion and feedback. Kind regards, Mario.

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Legend Mode

Published on January 12, 2013

Will come with the next update, in a few days.


  • you will be able to save ONLY in camps (there are two in the game, and another two will be in the expansion).
  • No gold for your starting characters, and no sellable equipment.
  • The bank has no money for free as a welcome gift.
  • HP and SP on levelup are fixed, no need to save/reload.
  • You will have your own Leaderboard in Game Center for legend games.
  • Legend games will be marked with stars in your Load/Save-Panel.

Kind regards

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2013 is another Silversword year!

Published on December 31, 2012

coming up next:

  • Legend game mode
    A new challenging game mode for you hardcore players
  • Expansion
    Over 20 new maps stuffed with monsters, traps and loot
    New skills and spells

Thank you very much for your support, dear players. You made 2012 a fantastic year for me!

Kind regards and best wishes

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Merry Christmas!

Published on December 24, 2012

I wish you all a merry christmas! Stop fighting and give the barkeeper a tip 🙂


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Silversword Review

Published on December 17, 2012

Check out this great review of Silversword from our friends at

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Update 2.2.3 sent to Apple

Published on December 11, 2012

Before Apple closes for the holiday season, I have another update coming. This one is really enjoyable, because apart from the changes below, it will convert your saved games to smaller files, making the loading and saving much faster.

You can look forward to the following bugfixes and enhancements:

– Different Map Icons for opened / closed chests on the map
– Cancel button at top of use / cast / play – do you like it?
– Mountain Dweller Combats in Ridge Fault are no longer repeatable
– New Drain Indicator on main screen (you will see it when you got drained)
– Save Game necessity in tutorial now explained
– Visiting guild only skips to next day if it is already evening
– Identify item action too complicated – this is easier now
– Buying Divine Shell after Inferno visitation no longer locks Inferno
– Inferno now has more encounters
– Switching characters now keeps the active screen type (items, spells, stats) where it makes sense
– Zone Maps linked together – just touch the red squares on a map
– Overview Map linked to Zones, you will like this one 🙂
– some more fixes and enhancements

As always, you are welcome to discuss these changes on the official forums!

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Update 2.1.9 waiting for Review, 2.2.0 on the horizon!

Published on November 29, 2012

Done with the game? Far from it! Let’s spoil…

Update 2.1.9 will bring you some more enhancements to stability. Characters are now saved upon creation, and enduring item effects like the Troll Ring should be working correct after Load/Save/Standby. But there’s more!

The “Divvy Gold” option will now complement the “Pool Gold” option.

The most special feature should be found out by YOU, when facing the next big boss mob the next time (Orc Chief, Maruziel, Sprenger, Warlord etc.). I hope you will like it!

I think 2.1.9 should go online within the next days.

Did I say that 2.2.0 is on the horizon? It is!

What to expect?

– When switching to another character you will stay on the same screen now (where applicable).

– Great enhancement to the map system: The overview map is now linked to every zone you’ve visited, and your zones are linked together so that you can explore every map ever visited by a simple touch!

– and some more… 😉

Best regards


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Combat dullness fought

Published on November 22, 2012

What if you could give more spice to your combat choices?

What if your fighter could rush to attack without much care about his defense?

What if your party would decide to always take on the strongest (or weakest) enemy first?

The combat is ready for stances! And they are badly needed because badass boss mobs with badass boss mob scripts are coming to the world of Tarnak. No more simple button smashing, these guys expect special treatment by your brave band of heroes.

Stay tuned!
All the best

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Update 2.1.8 is live!

Published on November 20, 2012
  • New option “low resolution” in your app settings, this reduces memory usage, allowing the game to run stable on iPods
  • Encounters should have 4 enemy groups max. now (this was always intended, sorry grinders)
  • Renamed Gwyddon in the castle to avoid confusion
  • Spellwoven Spellwoven items no longer possible, renamed Spellwoven to Enchanted
  • Underscores in names no longer allowed (caused some problems)
  • Loss of spell effects upon saving/loading resolved!
  • The IAP “Parcel Service” now gives you the option to sell all items in your bank account that have a certain price
  • some more fixes…

All the best

P.S. Do you like the game? Please write a review on

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Update 2.1.6 is live!

Published on November 2, 2012

Major changes!

  • Experience points adjusted! After level 14, all classes will need 200,000 XP for the next level, increasing by roughly 7% per level.
  • Your actual characters will be adjusted to the new system. Sorry if this will turn out negative for your high-level party. But it adds more balance to the system.
  • Stats are now capped at 30 (primary stats are capped at 40).
  • Loot chances adjusted. You should get more loot now, even in high-level zones.

Minor changes!

  •  You will now have two new settings in the iOS App Settings Screen for Silversword: 1. Show XP to next level. This will show the experience points needed for the next level on the character screen instead of displaying the whole sum. 2. Display time. This will toggle a time display beneath the Settings Icon during the game. By touching the time, you can switch between real time and ingame time of day.
  • A Cancel button was added to the Deposit and Withdraw actions in the bank.
  • A bug was fixed that allowed selling unidentified items with a gold value of 0.
  • Song of Spirit now gives more SP when your Bard reaches level 20, 30, 40…
  • Walking Creak is now a plant.
  • In-App Purchase 500,000 Gold added. Once again: You don’t need any IAP to play and enjoy the game!! This is for people who want to save some grinding time. I know that Archmage Spells are very expensive, but this was made for balancing the game, and not for boosting my In-App Sales. If you are still not convinced, write me a nice mail and I will see what I can do.
  • Before changing class, you are now informed when a character has not yet learned all spells for the current class.
  • New inventory function “Trade all” for trading whole stacks of items to another character.

Oops I nearly forgot…

A NEW USER INTERFACE for the iPhone version is alive! The party display is now larger, allowing you to select your characters more easily. In addition, a nice claw mark was added to the background. I hope you will enjoy it! The interface structure itself wasn’t changed, to keep the classic Bard’s Tale spirit alive.

Best regards

P.S. The stats will be fixed with the next update 2.1.7 – by now, only normal (not primary) stats are capped upon getting a new level. Sorry for this, but it won’t affect the gameplay much I think.

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