Dragon Tower maze - correct instructions

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Dragon Tower maze - correct instructions

Postby Visstar » Mon May 01, 2017 9:23 pm

In case you (like me) got faulty instructions for navigating the maze in the Dragon Tower, here are the correct instructions. Save before beginning. It's easier to start over than figure out where you left off (following a battle) or went wrong.

Warning: Do not stray from the path! The lava here will kill you very, very quickly, and the cliffs do not have invisible walls. In other words, the only Ouch!! you will get when moving off the edge of the cliff is the one when you hit the bottom and die.

From the beginning point, in the center of the first square:


Answer the first riddle. Answer is
Spoiler: show

After the first magic mouth, proceed:


Answer the second riddle:
Spoiler: show

After the second magic mouth, proceed:


Then follow the narrow path (see warning above) over a few lava pits. Use Restoration as needed. You will have to fight two fixed battles before reaching the Dragon's Grave.

First fight 25 Fire Guardians.
Spoiler: show
This is an easy fight if you have been through Inferno. Just use Close Combat to bring them into melee range.

Second fight is 25 Bogeymen. They are more dangerous.
Spoiler: show
Use Close Combat and Hesitation.

Cross the final stretch of lava and open the Dragon Grave. I used two charges of a Dietrich and my rogue's lock pick skills. Once you have the egg, exit through the last bit of lava to the east. Carry the egg back to:
Spoiler: show
The previously locked door in the far SE corner of the basement of the Castle Tower (aka Abandoned Tower) south of Castle Cranbourgh.

If you are in the expansion, the dragon egg will hatch and the baby dragon will offer to join your party. It will wait patiently for you to travel to camp in Castle Cranbourgh, dump a character, and come back. You need the baby dragon to:
Spoiler: show
Enter the Gateway to the Planes. Once you have done that, you can dump it by visiting a camp (where you can pick up your seventh character again) or by taking the road wardens, who do not accept non-player characters.

If you have not bought the expansion yet, why not?? :o But until you do, you can wander around gaining XP, and visit the dragon egg anytime you want.

By the way, like all wandering creatures, the dragon will occasionally turn on you. Keep an eye on its mood and cast Camaraderie as needed to calm it down.
May the Vishanti guide me through this eldritch maze!
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