Improving the ending of the expansion

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Improving the ending of the expansion

Postby Visstar » Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:19 pm

I liked the end of the original game a lot. I was totally underwhelmed by the ending of the expansion. "Thanks for playing"? That's it? Uhh ... you're welcome?

It's rather late in the game to be requesting this, but couldn't you add a nice picture of an exploding space ship with scrolling text like the one after killing Maruziel (or even just a couple of static text boxes) at the end so as you leap into the emergency exit, you get something like:

You reach the emergency exit just as the roaring and shaking reach a crescendo and the last thing you see as you are teleported to safety is a titanic explosion as the ship rips itself apart. Your mind can barely make sense of what you are seeing as the planes of earth, air, fire, and water merge and fall into the inter dimensional rift, filling it and restoring them to their natural places.

Then when you land at the ruin camp, you see a vision of Scythe or Draconar telling you, "You have done it! The enslaved dragons you killed in the Defiler's ship have been freed and are back in their rightful places, ruling over the Planes, and the dragon world has been merged back into Tarnak, saving us all! Go now, and be known forevermore as Dragon Friend." (And don't forget to buy the new expansion, Revenge of the Compost. ;) )

A reward would be nice, too, though you don't get any for defeating Maruziel. Maybe the dragon at the end would give any Dragoncaster in the party something like a new spell or a reusable harmonic gem or a ring that casts Recall of Arsyth?

Anyway, reward or not, I would like to see something better at the end. "Thanks for playing"? Really?
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