Weapon mastery...?

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Weapon mastery...?

Postby Wascalwywabbit » Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:55 am

Could characters gain weapon skill bonuses bases on the number of uses of that type of weapon? Example: every hundred uses of a given weapon type that character gains +1 to hit and damage for that weapon type. Maybe every 50 uses for warrior to give that class an extra edge in weapons.

Just thought that would give the fighting classes something like the sp reduction requirement benefit of spell casters to look forward to.

Edit PS:
Having thought about it more, If you decide weapon mastery is a good idea and could be implemented, maybe having a limit of +5 for casters and utility chars like bard and rogue and +10 for the fighter classes might be good unless heritage adds a new level of enemy toughness above the current expansion. Also the single attack classes could use a damage multiplier instead of simply a linear damage add due to their current weakness there. At least have a multiplier for the hunter anyway since they have no great weapon options like the other classes. Unless of course you want to give them a great weapon too like Orion's bow or something.
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