Spell combining?

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Spell combining?

Postby Wascalwywabbit » Wed May 13, 2015 2:04 am

You mentioned item combining, or forging, something like that as a would be for Heritage, and last night spell combining/linking popped into my head. :-/

Maybe that would be a way of freshening up the spell potentials. Something like dragon breath plus disrupting winds = firestorm, or disrupting winds plus hailstorm = blizzard. This way new mechanics and spell potentials can be added without needing to disrupt the current spells at all...? This could work either as a two caster linking, or a single caster skill, whichever u like or maybe even both. The linking would allow DCs and AMs, and maybe even alchemists to combine their spells for unique spell powers.

Along a somewhat similar vein, maybe someway add a soul merge effect, temporary and or permanent version(s). If permanent this could be a way of multiclassing giving the new char the average of their skills, hp and attacks etc. A temporary version might make more sense for new mechanics, not fully sure of the form that might take.
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