Mario I think my wife is mad at you.

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Mario I think my wife is mad at you.

Postby stormrever » Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:31 pm

just kidding,lol. But Silversword is a lot of fun and i am afraid to finish it because it will be over then what? Do you have any Plans to add or make a Silversword 2? Thank you for this wonderful adventure.
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Re: Mario I think my wife is mad at you.

Postby icetear » Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:51 pm


freut mich, dass Du ein wenig deutsch gelernt hast :-)

Well... there will be no Silversword 2. I tried... but it would be a project too big for one single person.
There are some new maps and new content in the works... but I can't say when it will be published.

I finished the game about three times by now (if I remember correctly) and actually playing through the expansion for the fourth time. So I think there could be some replay value for you, too.

I wish I could say: The Bard's Tale IV is coming... but it will not become the game we all hope for, I'm afraid.

Just try Silversword in a different game mode, perhaps it will ease the pain ;-)
Or post some suggestions for new content in the forums - I will happily read it!

kind regards
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