Andur from level 4 Miners Deep.

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Re: Andur from level 4 Miners Deep.

Post by Visstar » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:21 pm

Joe99 wrote:So, I am also stuck in Miners Deep Level 3, and cannot find the stairs to Level 4. From reading this thread, I understand that it is somewhere east of the square that mentions the evil vapor, just north of the water room. However, I cannot find a passable wall that leads east anywhere on the entire west side of the level 3 map. I've bumped into every wall I could think of. Some specific direction would be very much appreciated.
You may have to find alternative routes. The map in Miners Deep CHANGES sometimes. However, I can't find any notes to this effect in my map of level 3. It looks like you just have to kick through a seemingly solid wall to the east. It may be only on the lower levels that it changes.

Note that there are two areas with water on level 3. You may not be far enough west.
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