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Return of Crocket
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Back for more!

Post by Return of Crocket » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:57 pm

Mario and fellow Silversword players,

I got a new iPad for Christmas, and rather than copying my old files over, I decided to start from scratch. So, I'm back, and having conquered the Defiler before, thought it would be fun to have another go at it! Some of the quirks have been fixed, so I guess I'm not going to have two Silverswords this go! (FYI, I was Crocket in the past, but have moved and changed emails, hence the new username Return of Crocket.)

Anyway, I am having fun, doing things somewhat out of order...and wondering...has anything new been added since the expansion, or as I get from the forums, do we have another expansion headed our way? I found the flooded isles, figured out how to deal with those composts, and under the barrel found a way for the grate to be opened on the stairway...but can't get down there. Is that locked, or do I need to have completed both Maruziel and the Defiler to move forward anymore? (I just defeated Maruziel, leveled up a Dragoncaller and am starting the path of the expansion...though most has not been done.) Or something to do with seashells? Or possibly coming soon with further expansion???

It has been a ton of fun to come back...and starting a new party from scratch, I used the best recommendations for party composition I could find: the ones I wrote several years back! I am so thankful these forums are here, because I forgot so much about the game, and the walk throughs and hints are so critical!

Mario, I see you have continued to make tweaks and improvements...thank you so much for being so involved, and listening to members here for feedback. It is such a refreshing approach! I swear, if I could ever win the lottery, I would double your full time salary just to work on expansions of this! It is such a pleasure to once again take the nostalgic road back to the old Bard's tale/Wizardry days with new technology!


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Re: Back for more!

Post by icetear » Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:22 pm

Hi, welcome back and thank you very much :-) :-)

Yes, another expansion is in the works. But I really can't tell how long you'll have to wait.
And to shorten the time, I try to improve the base game furthermore.

The flooded isles are the key to the new zones - but everything is in the works right now and it is pretty pointless to travel there - except for taking on the new creatures. The Defiler still marks the end of the game.

Anyway, it's good to have you back!

Happy playing :-)
Kind regards
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Re: Back for more!

Post by Visstar » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:15 pm

Enjoy your second play through! Once I'm finished, I'm going back to the Flooded Isles to look under that barrel. :D

BTW If you have not defeated the defiler yet, you may want to wait till 2.6.4 comes out. icetear has promised some improvements to the ending. (See this forum thread.)
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