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Update 1.5

Post by icetear » Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:33 pm

Soon, our next update will hit the store.

These are some of the things you can expect:

- New Identify Skill for Rogues and Bards (and Shop owners)
- A massive item update, don't worry, we will convert your existing items
- Item stats are now shown when selecting an item out of your inventory
- THAC0 is shown (this is the chance of hitting an enemy warrior of level 5, it's for you statistic freaks out there) in the character screen
- Some tweaks to the "Repeat commands" feature in combat
- Multiple Savegames! Upon entering the load/save screen, you will be asked if you would like to convert your existing save game to a new one - you should do this
- Messages with only one exit option (such as "[ Continue ]") can now be continued by simply touching the output screen anywhere (you will love this one)
- Arrow damage is now added to Bow damage
- Levitation spells now overcome traps
- Added some hint about the item that is needed to open the stuck secret wall in the goblin dungeons
- Tweaks to the graphics, you should see a difference upon turning left/right (do you like it?)
- All Settings can now be found in the "Settings" application provided by Apple
- Throwing weapons are in. They are stackable, and your party members try to get them back after fight. You can turn the proper confirmation message on/off in the settings
- Lore output now waits for a keypress, so that you don't miss important information
- The Poison Blade has been withdrawn from the public markets, you won't find it as loot either - but check out the herbalist Gwyddon right in front of the ruin camp
- The temple now cures and resurrects again, if the proper donation is made
- The star marking the regeneration fountain is now at the right spot
- The secret wall outside the castle has now a hint on the outside
- The Poison Blade no longer stacks (Thank you Mjolnin for pointing me to these last four issues!)
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