Warning for iPod touch 4th. Gen. users

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Warning for iPod touch 4th. Gen. users

Post by icetear » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:18 pm

Please be aware of the following:

I have tested the game on iPod Touch 4th Gen. with iOS6.0.1 and I can confirm that the game will crash after some moves.
This seems to be due to the memory size, and the crashes occur after several memory warnings.
The game needs a lot of memory due to the bitmap graphics, and unless I have found a way to make it consume less memory, please refrain from playing the game on such devices.
iPhone 4+, iPod 5+ as well as iPad 2+ should be ok.
I put up a warning in the App description now.

You may want to contact Apple for getting your money back.
I am sorry for this, but this is an issue that can't be fixed in a short amount of time. Nonetheless I will try to work on the code so that it will eventually run stable.

Kind regards

EDIT: Version 2.1.8 will contain a new setting "low resolution". Using this setting will make the game run stable on your iPod. The update 2.1.8 should be available before the end of November 2012.
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