Combat non-combat quick spells...

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Combat non-combat quick spells...

Post by Wascalwywabbit » Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:46 am

Separate quick spell lists for combat and outside combat...

Currently each character that casts has a quick spell list, but since many times the spells I use in combat are different than those used outside of combat it would be great if they could be context sensitive.

A couple other spell suggestions:

Make lightning strike a level or two sooner than demon war for the wizard.

Maybe add lesser and greater call lightning to archmage for outdoor use only. Maybe 200-800 damage (level 4 archmage spell) for every group within 50' for lesser call lightning and 600-2400 for all within 90' for greater call lightning (level 7 archmage spell spell).

Add magical wand, horn, weapon and armor crafting. Maybe horn and wand for level 6-7 conjuror spells respectively, weapon and armor for a another class... You should have to use your own spell points and have the spell you want to empower the item with. For example, if it costs your character 20 sp to cast a spell once then to give an item 10 charges it would cost 200 sp to empower it. Maybe also for imbuing mage/conjuror spells regular items might be enough, bronze for sorcerer, iron for wizard, steel for archmage, andursteel for dc.

Just a few thoughts... Thanks again for the ever more awesome game, Mario.

Edit: PS
I also like the possible idea of lightning strike having longer range as someone else suggested elsewhere. I could definitely use a another 60' or greater range option. Even that 10' extra would make the spell usable for me. Right now I only use it if I need more range than sodar's cleansing, but not enough sp for demon war, which is almost never...

Some casters have so few spells (paladin's, alchemy or DC only casters) there's little use for quick lists at all let alone separate combat non-combat. Mostly AMs, and DC with alchemy, would benefit. AMs with full spell sets especially. Maybe just give AM a longer quick list, like 9 instead of 5, and the rest are no bigger with their relatively small scrolling needs any how. Maybe add a single quick slot for each new casting class/method. That might be the easiest add for the most benefit.

The every group within 50' range spell would be useful for me all the time as an upgrade to odin's court, especially before DCing and getting the level 4 alchemy spell. The archmage could also use a damge option between sodar's wrath and armegeddon, if only outdoors like the dc has. The more I play and advance the expansion, the less useful non DC casters are, so they could use a bit of catch back up tweaks or adds.

With the exception of giant weight due to it's very low range as suggest elsewhere, I think only the single creature attack spells really need to level with the caster, unless given as option thru spell mastery. I like the idea of finding new spells all over the playable world too, like the old FF days, so even though I like general rules which improve characters over time like spell leveling, I also like the alternative of finding where to fill that need thru adventuring too. General rules are easier to implement, but the find what you need thru exploration makes the world feel richer, so a combination is good imo.

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