Great accessibility but a couple of extra requests.

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Seeing-Eye Dragon
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Great accessibility but a couple of extra requests.

Post by Seeing-Eye Dragon » Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:20 pm


Firstly, thank you for making this game accessible with Voiceover! I bought it a while ago and have been waiting for the accessibility fixes with a great deal of excitement. This genuinely might be the best game I've played in years, certainly it's my favourite IOS game and it will take some beating.

I do have a couple of feature requests though. Would it be possible for the buttons to turn or step you left and right to tell you what is in that direction? When navigating currently, you have to turn left and right so that the "move forward" button will take you in a new direction. This is the only way for Voiceover to announce whether there are side passages or anything. It would make game play much quicker and more fluid if you could tell that from the buttons before you turn. This is particularly important since the graphical maps are obviously not going to provide this information to a Voiceover user.

Another thing that would be really great is if there was a downloadable monster list like the item masterlist. I've bought the compendium but the tables for the monsters and items don't seem particularly compatible with Voiceover. The XLS item list was extremely useful, however, and a monster list in the same Dropbox location would be much easier to navigate and refer to.

Would it be possible to have a key to review whether you have previously visited a spot this time around in a map? Again, this is kind of an accessibility request since it's easy to get confused in large dungeons or complicated maps which have lots of directions to explore which join up later.

Lastly, I'd like to suggest a feature to review your most recent combat. The scrolling text is not automatically read by Voiceover and it's very easy to miss it when trying to move left and right over the text box to catch it all. I've missed lots of information about loot I've got, how much damage my spells have done or even what killed my characters. Being able to review the most recent combat would be a good way of checking up on this stuff at a quieter time to know the capabilities of the enemies and see how my own party's damage output is doing.

Despite these minor issues, the game works great with Voiceover, even with quite a lot on the screen, and it's great to be using the THAC0 system again, like playing D&D in the good old days.

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