New player experience: please implement these simple feature

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New player experience: please implement these simple feature

Post by Tanelorn » Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:13 pm

Hi there. I am a veteran gamer, and played the original bards tale games on the C 64. Surprisingly, I just learned about this game and I’m excited to play through it. However, I I’m surprised that some basic quality of life features are missing in the iOS version. Here are a few things that should be easy to implement and will help new players especially.

1. Show the direction you are facing. This was the most surprising missing feature. There should be a small icon or text that shows the direction you are facing in the first person view window. It is a basic feature that helps tremendously.

2. Show descriptions of items, spells, etc. by holding finger over the name. Until you have memorized the details of every spell and every item, you are often blind in combat or other situations where you are choosing to use an item or a spell. Having a simple feature that shows the text description of an item when you hold your finger over the name would help greatly. You already have a similar feature in the party menu which allows you to move and rename characters. So that programming already exists.

Those are the two big ones for now. I’ll add more as I play. Please consider adding these features and thank you for making this great game.

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Re: New player experience: please implement these simple fea

Post by icetear » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:02 am

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for your suggestions.

1. The way this works is by design and intended. You can always check your direction by looking at the map - or you can simply cast the appropriate spell to show a magic compass needle.

2. Right now this is intended for two reasons: (a) you have to examine all new items and spells to learn what they do (out of combat) and (b) there ain't time during combat, especially for spellcasters, to look up the spell in their memoire - your enemies won't wait for that. After playing a few hours you should find it very easy to remember what certain spells do.
But if you're in difficult combat situations and really need this information - you might just look up the spell in the manual which can be accessed anytime in the help screen. The item description won't help you much in combat because it won't tell you what stats an item has or which spell effect it reproduces when being used.

kind regards
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Re: New player experience: please implement these simple fea

Post by Visstar » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:44 pm

Tanelorn, at some point fairly soon you will find an item named "Sodor's Eye" which, when used, casts a number of useful spells for you, the compass being one.

I had the same thought as you when I was starting out about spells and items during combat, but got used to it all quickly. Soon you will learn which items and spells are best in different situations. Till then, there's the manual. But there are some things that you just have to learn by trial and error, such as in real life. ;)

Just a hint: the more you use a spell, the better you get at it, so you're better off using a single spell over and over rather than using a variety of similar spells. However, early in the game, there aren't a lot of spells that are worth using enough to gain mastery. For instance, Word of Healing is a decent early spell, but you'll stop using it completely when you learn Phlebotomy and then Creo Corpus and Restoration. An exception might be Ray of Fire, which increases in power as the caster does. Using that often enough to drop it from 3 SP to 1 SP might be worth it.
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