Suggestion on Save Games / Remove Character / Other Items

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Suggestion on Save Games / Remove Character / Other Items

Post by Veerwing » Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:44 pm


I've been playing Silversword... Really came in handy while I was flying around for the holidays. Even had a stewardess tell me to turn the game off while we were taxing off the runway. Whoops!!! I wanted to point out some things that I noticed with the game, which I'm sure are probably implemented that way on purpose but I wanted to suggest anyways...

1) I'd like to be able to "remove" my summoned NPCs and save them from the "Party" into the Camp to be used later on. If you go to the Ruins and "remove" an NPC, it just deletes them...

2) If I create a new game with new characters and they pick up items that my first group could use, I think its annoying that I cant swap out items between them. For example, if I go and remove all characters from "Group 1" and then start all over, they are inacessible to "Add" to the new party. In fact, they aren't even listed as being able to be "added."

2a) There was a way in the Bard's Tale to "duplicate" items through manipulating saved games. I'm sure you could do this if you were able to "add" old characters back and forth between your new and old party. If you needed to bring an up and coming party up to speed on equipment, this was a cool "cheat" to play with. I'm not suggesting this as an option but I'm assuming this is why you might have made it so that you couldn't add old characters? I just really want to be able to use characters that "work" versus ones that don't.

3) If I sell an item to the "shop" (any) I think I should be able to "buy" it back from the vendor that I sold it to...

4) I'd like to be able to combine items. Like Torches and Harmonic Gems for example... Having 10 torches listed as line items is kind of redundant versus one line of torches with #10 after it.

5) I think it would be better if there was a "Summon Monster" spot in the character roster instead of it taking up a character slot. In any of the Bard's Tale games, you were always better off having a full party of characters than using a summoned monster. Also, you would get a "rare" chance in the dungeons that a monster would want to join your party - is that going to be featured in this game? If you ran with my idea you would have 8 characters (so to speak versus 7) with only one of them being a "monster" if this was implemented. This would probably be really useful if you ran into NPCs that needed to join your party for triggers on future quests later in the game.

5a) Monsters that were in your party also had a chance to pick up items from battles (loot) and could also carry items. Summoned monsters in this game have "zero" inventory.

6) There's a "Wool Mitre" (hat) that you can get in the game but the only magic-user that can use it is the Conjurer. Why can't my Magician use it?!?! Pretty funny when the other item sets; Wool Shawl and Wool Silken Gloves can be used by both classes but not the Wool Mitre.

7) At one point, if I made a High-Man / Magician, I could "identify" items. Now the only character/s that can identify items is my Bard and my Rogue.

8) I think the "+1 on spell levels when casting" talent should also be applied to the Bards and Paladins classes in the form of the "duration" of their bonus songs/spells lasting longer. Otherwise, this talent is useless for anyone accept mages.

9) Clicking on a "Character" and entering into the Character Screen should freeze / pause the game.

10) Please make the forums linked to the game. I'd like to be able to click on the options and in the same area as the "load game" / "saved game" you should put a link to the forums. You'll get more traffic and more people will visit the site. When I searched Google and Yahoo! for more information on this game, I got a lot of hits for another game with "Silversword" in it. Would be nice to be able to come directly to the games website / forums from inside the game itself.

11) In the next patch you should allow us all to go to level 7 in the LITE version... Just saying it. :lol:

Things I liked about the "Bard's Tale" that aren't in Silversword:
1) I liked the fact that if the game was too hard, I could just restart the game with the characters that I had made previously and re-run through the dungeons to find items that I might have missed the first go around.

2) Everyone's first "party" is usually a test run... I liked that in the Bard's Tale if I wanted to start over, I could re-create new characters (with probably better Stats) and swap out items between my "old" party and the "new" party that I created. Or even better, use the characters that "worked" and add them in with my new characters. In this game, if you start all over, you're back at zero.

3) In the Bard's Tale, if there is 20 feet between my party and the enemy and I clicked "advance" the opposing party wouldn't get a "free" attack against me if it was a melee group/single monster (that would normally advance). In the Bard's Tale, if you battle a "melee" opponent and the game and myself would both advance, the game would make both parties advance against each other to "0" distance. In this game, if you advance (even against a melee combantant) then the opposing force gets a free attack against you. Even if the "AI" would normally make it "advance" (assuming you did nothing).

4) I liked that in the Bard's Tale, if one of my characters was pushed to the "back of the line" in a combat situation, I could "advance" them in the roster. In this game, they're stuck... No cutting!!!

5) In all of the Bard's Tale games when you finish a battle, everyone in your party has a chance to "collect" loot. In this game, it seems that only one person can score an opportunity. In most cases, you don't score anything.

5a) I notice that if I loot a chest in this game, I don't receive anything but XP and coin. You'd think that if someone found a chest, that something would be in it?!?! Or at the very least, that the system would have a higher "loot" generator for chances of scoring something that you could use. In the Bard's Tale, if you looted a chest, you almost always got something.

5b) Loot generated from a chest should be a higher level (or better) than loot dropped from monsters. For example, I looted an "Elven Cloak" after killing the Undead Boss in the crypt but when I opened a chest in that dungeon, all I got was coin / xp. Bosses and Chests should yield better than average "loot" items.

6) In this game when you swap items or gain items, I noticed that the order of the items is alphabetical and chaotic? Something like that... I think it would be better that if an item was added to a characters inventory, its added as the last line item. That way I can organize a character's inventory versus having to scroll through everything.

One thing that I would have loved to have seen in the Bard's Tale and in this game, is the opportunity to select my character's portrait. It's a small request but my Dwarf Warrior looks kind of funny with a shaven Human face while my Barbarian Hunter looks like a Dwarf with an 70s hair cut... :D Also, I thought I read somewhere that you could rename your character?!?! In the Bard's Tale this was done in the Camp. Can we see that here?

Otherwise, totally fun to play. I've already finished the entire Lite version and gone through all the clues. The only thing I haven't been able to do is kill the 5 Tree Guardians. Right now I've just been re-running dungeons and random encounters to try and get better gear. I'll add more later... Gotta get back to work. :mrgreen:


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Re: Suggestion on Save Games / Remove Character / Other Item

Post by icetear » Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:18 am

Hello Veerwing!

Wow, quite a ton of suggestions! Thank you very much for that :-)

I will try to address some of your points...

1) In the initial version, this was possible. I removed that feature to have a better differentiation between the warm and cosy guild... and the cold world outside. Monsters have to stay outside, so to say.

2) That was one of my design decisions. Each game is a complete separate world, and because you can have infinite characters in the camp, I see no need of exchanging stuff between two games - except if you want to play the game a second time with pimped characters. I am thinking about a "reset" mechanism to let you do this, tho, because it can indeed be fun to start with a level 1 warrior who already has AC -30... but this would then come in a future update.

3) I put this on my ToDo list :-)

4) Certain items are stackable, others are not. Items with charges are not stackable, because of coding issues - sorry for that. Maybe I will change this later on.

5) In the full version, wandering monsters will try to join your party (but only if you have a slot free!). For this game I can safely say: Summoned monsters are worth the slot! And some wandering monsters are a great addition in terms of saving spell points.
Silversword features NPCs who will join your party, but that is not necessary to finish the game. You can fill up your ranks with characters, or monsters (one character is mandatory, tho).

5a) Yes, that is intended. The monsters in Silversword won't let you peer into their pockets... but at least they have no interest in looting items. But beware of the gold coin share - better pool the gold from time to time with a character before a monster goes mad.

6) Some items are designed for certain classes only. It is either a matter of religion, or of fashion - you know... magic users are strange sometimes. (Forgive me the joke ;-) I think the item list should be ok as a whole)

7) That is intended. Only Bards and Rogues have the identify skill. Everything else has to be addressed as a bug.

8) I will think about this!

9) Yes, I will put this on my ToDo list.

10) Absolutely! Thank your for the suggestions, I will try to implement this asap.

11) NO WAY! :twisted:

Well... now comes the Bard's Tale part.
I won't go into detail on your points, but they are all recognized and give me a lot of work for the next updates!

If all goes well, and I make LOTS of money with this game (dreaming is allowed!?) I will add some more pictures, promised ;-)
Renaming a character is possible by dragging his/her slot to the right side of the screen and releasing it. Tough on an iPhone, I know.

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