(null) finds

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(null) finds

Post by doofus » Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:33 am

Hi Mario,

Every so often I get the message that (null) finds an item. I suspect you might have a mem overflow in or a 0-7 random number generator for your 7 player targets.


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Re: (null) finds <item>

Post by icetear » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:53 am

Hello Scott,

thank you for reporting this bug. I have changed the random system a few days ago and couldn't reproduce this error since then. Do you remember if your party was filled up and/or if one or more members were dead at that time?
Anyway - I think this should be fixed in the upcoming update.

Sorry for this


EDIT: I tracked down at least one other bug - if your rogue is hidden at the time the loot is distributed randomly, and he is the "lucky member", the routine gives a (null) in return (he was just hiding too well ;-) ). This will be fixed in the next update - and was probably the reason for the bug.
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Re: (null) finds <item>

Post by doofus » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:46 am

Ah, the hidden rogue would explain it... I hides a lot...

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Re: (null) finds <item>

Post by Veerwing » Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:04 am

Well and what sucks is, if you get this error, your hidden character doesn't even get the item.

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