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No resurrection in the Annharbor city slums

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 3:25 am
by rwb
Dear Mario:

Silversword is an amazing game; and totally deserves 5 stars; but last night I was cursing your name. I had made it through the end of the Tarasz Passage with only TWO living party members; my bard and my hunter; neither of which could resurrect; and in the City Slums the only shrine can't resurrect; so then I had to try to battle the 12 Fanatics to get through to the Harbor with just 2 characters; they kept dying over and over. I wanted to see if you could add resurrection to the City Slums shrine for this purpose; but anyway I already reloaded an older save file and was more careful this time to keep all 7 party members alive.

The baddies in the Passage were no big deal; but then there's several squares of damage floor before you get to the City Slums; and each second you hesitate or move on them you're losing like 10% of your HP and MP. OP much? I had to cast Restore 3 times just to keep everybody alive (on my 2nd run through from the older file).

Anyway, I fixed it so I'm back on track now; but I think this part of the game is a bit OP; I think you should either lower how much damage the floor does; or provide resurrection in the Annharbor City Slums shrine. Anyway just my two cents on how to make the game not frustrating. Thanks for otherwise making such an awesome game!