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Post by Visstar » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:18 pm

While we are sitting around staring at the baby dragon we don't know what to do with, I asked Gordon Lightfoot, our bard, to tell us a little about the thylacines we have seen around Watertop. Here are a few things he told me:

Thylacines, despite their nickname of Tasmanian Wolf, are not related to wolves. They are marsupials, like kangaroos and koalas. Both male and female thylacines had pouches.

Despite not being related to wolves and dogs, they filled a similar ecological niche and their skulls are very similar to canid skulls.

On old earth, thylacines went extinct in the 1930s, although there are those who claim they are still out there somewhere.

The Thylacine's closest living relative Is the Banded Anteater. Gordon thinks there are some of those hiding around the far shore of the Crystal Sea.

Thylacines were wimps with a weak jawbones. They were poor runners and when startled would hop on their hinds legs clumsily trying to run away.

Well, that killed ten minutes......
May the Vishanti guide me through this eldritch maze!

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