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Evertale - iOS game like Pokemon

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 3:28 pm
by chrlpolk
Right now, Evertale is free to try for iOS! (Previously $.99) I've played into it a bit. It works similar to Pokémon - you can catch monsters to join your team, help them level up and evolve into stronger creatures. More RPG elements than Pokémon.

"Evertale" iOS store page

It doesn't seem at all necessary to play and enjoy so far, but there are gatcha's available if that's your thing. One thing I will point out - if playing the initial offline quest, don't do any of the "events" (which are out-of-game battles to earn bonus in-game prizes), they will cheese your game with ultra powerful weapons and monsters. Wait until after you finish the offline game (or at least towards the end, to replace any potential grinding).