The staff of Aneiron and the moaning monk :-)

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The staff of Aneiron and the moaning monk :-)

Post by Aneiron » Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:49 pm

Hi there!

Well, here I am! Leader of a fine party, a really tough bunch of fearless warriors and wizards, who - in other worlds and other times - where able to defeat Mangar, Lagoth Zanta and even Tarjan, the mad god ;)
I tread them well, and I listen carefully to what they are saying to me.
The warrior and the bard say that everything is fine with them.
Wolfhardt just found a bardsword and is very happy, always singng now. And Darian, the warrior (a mountain of a man!), wears a full suite of iron-armour and a fine dvarven axe and shield. Keldor, the hunter, says nothing. But never mind - he never speaks much. I think he is content,too, being the hunter of the group.
Mailin likes her thief dagger as much as she dislikes being called "thief". And the beautiful elven maiden Liana, a powerful sorceress, is content when Wolfhardt is singing a tune for her. That seems to be all she really needs ...
And then we have Lugaan, the moaning monk.
"Moaning? Why?", you might ask.
Well, he is a master of unarmed combat. Very strong and very quick. But as much as he trains, he never get's a better constitution. The other tough guys in the group start to think that Lugaan got a kind of illness, because his constitution won't rise any more.
He hates that. And I wonder if you, Mario, will be able to cure him, so that the hard-training monk will get a better constitution. For because nowadays he just is as frail as the two wizards, and that can't be ;)

And last but not least, there is Aneiron himself, that's me.
I remember that when I battled in the Tower of Mangar, the Hut of Lagoth Zanta and even in the dungeons of Tarjan, there was a staff I could always relay on: The staff of Aneiron! MY staff.
It was able to regenerate my magic power over the time. It was not a weapon, but more a kind of friend.
It helped, when no harmonic gem was available.
But... it is gone! :shock:
I tried to look everywhere, but I cannot find my magic staff!
I need it!
Every true wizard has his staff, so please help my, my friend!

Best wishes

Archmage Aneiron

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Re: The staff of Aneiron and the moaning monk :-)

Post by Veerwing » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:22 pm

The "Mage Staff" was a really cool item in that it regenerated Spell Points on a 30 second (or so) interval. Very handy when walking around and only worked when "equiped" to a magic-using character...


Don Quixote
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Re: The staff of Aneiron and the moaning monk :-)

Post by Don Quixote » Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:35 pm

You make me feel all right having not chosen a monk :-)

By the way I remember Namtar the Beast from the pit and the Dark Savant, but there were many hours of dungen crawling and many forgotten boss-monsters.

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