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Post by rayres » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:27 am

How many spell pts. does the highest lvl. Paladin Spell (the one that restores lost exp.) cost? Will I use it often? I didn't prioritize int. for my Pally and hope I didn't mess up too badly for when I need the spell!

Also, my 13th lvl. rogue has only 118 health. Yet, I thought I read that I could do the bandit caves at lvl. 13! I tested earlier, and I think someone hit me for 225 damage in one hit and then there is the spells from the shamans! I will have to level-up my rogue to a MUCH higher lvl. to be able to handle this. Right now I'm grinding Druid's Grove. I am finding some better equipment there :)

Also, how rare are runes? I have found only 1 bronze rune so far. Are they mainly from "boss" fights?



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Re: Questions

Post by Visstar » Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:27 pm

The Empowerment spell uses 100 spell points, but I wouldn't worry about that too much. By the time you get it, you will barely need it. The think of your paladin as a fighter and concentrate on strength and constitution. The main spells you will use will be Blessing of Sodar (10 points) and Shield of Sodar (20 points) which last forever unless dispelled by visiting a camp or hitting an anti-magic area. Grace of Sodar and Sodar's Recall are also nice, but your mages can do the same thing and gain spell points faster.

Your rogue will always lag behind everyone else in HP. You can either grind endlessly trying to gain enough XP to raise that to the 300 range (which will take forever), give up on the rogue (which is doable but not as much fun), or let the rogue be a rogue and play to the character's strength, which is guile. Have the rogue hide to avoid damage and only attack from the shadows when it's reasonably safe. Equip him or her with a wand or two, healing potions, and a bow and arrow to use from the shadows. Inferno is a different matter. You will need a minimum of 200 HP (preferably 300) to get through the lava field alive. But by the time you get to Inferno, you'll have Sodar's Recall and Beyond Death. Just sayin'.

Runes are mostly random drops (you'll find a few in chests) and become less rare as you progress, to the point where you will throw away bronze runes. But the best runes (electrum and mithril) are extremely rare. I don't think I ever got a mithril rune in a drop. You will mainly get and use gold and silver runes. Treasure the few gold and electrum runes you find and only use them on the very best items. I only use them on armor myself. Weapons almost always get silver runes.

Boss fights mainly yield quest items, not great equipment.

The Bandit's Cave is good grinding but you might want to try the Ridge Fault, assuming your party has Farther Foe (or a safety wand) and a strong group damage spell like Hailstorm.
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Re: Questions PURCHASES???

Post by Keighn » Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:15 am

I noticed my bank expand upon that purchasebut i also bought the 100k gold pot, riseof the dragons, and compendium.

I don't see the usable bag of 100k, and i don't know how to access the compendium. Ill loot the forums and hope i figure it out.

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Re: Questions

Post by icetear » Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:20 am


I have send you a mail with the following instructions and I will post them here so that other users may find an answer to this question.

1. Once you have bought the compendium, you can switch to it on the manual site (Settings - Manual) via the Change button (should be visible then).
In addition, you can download the compendium as PDF via iTunes Document sharing.

2. The Expansion is active when a "+" sign appears right after the game version number on the settings screen.

3. If you have purchased a bag of gold, and it does not show up in your first character's inventory, this is a technical issue that can be resolved by me.

For topics 1. and 2., try to restore your purchases (Settings - Shop - Restore Purchases) until everything shows up. If this is not possible, please let me know.
As for 3., I can modify your saved game and add the bag of gold so that you can access it.

I am sorry that sometimes the IAP don't work as expected.

kind regards
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