Runes and Bows and misc. questions

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Runes and Bows and misc. questions

Post by rayres » Sun Aug 11, 2019 2:19 am

If I use a silver rune on a bow, does it work like it would on a normal weapon? (Because it is the arrows that actually hit the target.) I read that there are monsters that can only be damaged by weapons with silver runes and wanted to be sure that the rune would work. I plan to have my rogue hide and shoot arrows to critical hit enemies. I also think I read that this is the only way which is available early to deal with orc shamans.

Also, in which area/which monsters do I need to watch out for draining effects? Does rejuvenate at the temple cure everything, including draining?



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Re: Runes and Bows and misc. questions

Post by Visstar » Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:49 pm

I'm 99% sure the answer is no. You would need to enchant the arrows, not the bow, and you can't.

I may be forgetting something, but I only remember being drained in Inferno, the last step in defeating the evil one. There is also one spot in the expansion where you can be drained, but by then you should have the Empowerment spell.
Until then, you will need to visit the Temple of Sodar in the eastern end of the market district of Annsharbour.
There are also two places you will encounter a vampire. No one in my party was ever hit by one, but I assume they can drain as well.
One is in a house you are warned not to enter in Annsharbour, and the other is in Castilla Artonsa. Neither one is a forced encounter or essential to the quest.
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