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Re: The Hunter - Intro Guide

Post by Visstar » Tue Jun 04, 2019 5:27 pm

Thanks for the clarification, MightyOgre. Now that I think about it, you are correct. Despite his critical hit bonus, I don't think my barbarian Warrior ever critically hit anyone. Until he got the Silversword. :o

And you're right, starting with Level 10 or so, a Hunter is probably better than a Warrior. However, I think that advantage ends with the Silversword, and the warrior is again the better character, assuming you have a rogue equipped with the Dragonbone Bow. If not, the Hunter would be a perfect character to use it.

The other reason I think a Warrior is a better choice in the long run is that in the expansion you will need a Dragoncaller and a Warrior with 20+ attacks is the ideal choice to wield the Staff of Storms. However, it might be that a Hunter would do well as a Dragoncaller wielding one of the Firestaffs. I don't know if you could critically hit with one of those, though.

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